Consulting Services

As a compliance consultant, you need to identify and prioritize your client’s compliance issues and develop and implement compliance plans. You also may be required to complete and submit regulatory agency applications and reports.
Our compliance consultants use the RIA Compliance Technology platform as the cornerstone of their practice. If you’re a consultant, let us show you our solutions or connect you with the best partners for:

Overall Compliance Program

We work with several consulting firms to connect you with the right firm and provide reliable resources when needed.

Email Archiving Options

We have many great options to meet your records retention requirements. Let us help you find the right solution for your firm.

CRM Options

In a data-driven World Client Relation Management is important: Keep track of client information, tasks, emails, etc. If a CRM is right for your business, we will help you find the right database.

Billing & Performance Reporting

We can help you determine what vendors and solutions are available today as well as help you determine what will meet your needs in the future.

E-signature Options

We will help you determine short and long term needs when it comes to your eSignature by pairing you with an electronic signature provider that matches your individual business.

Cyber-Security & IT

We work with several firms to help you meet guidelines provided by The Regulators to keep your client and firm's information safe.

Advertising & Social Media

With the SEC and other regulators monitoring advertising and social medias it is important that you have solutions to meet compliance requirements set by your firm. We work with 3rd party content providers to save you time and money.

Compliance Calendar & Tasks

Our compliance portal provides you with a customized calendar and task list, allowing you to keep your program organized.

Compliance Workflow & Automation

Our solutions coupled with our partner's, automate, consolidate and manage your compliance program as it grows.

Compliance Forms

Our compliance solution provides a collection of forms you and advisers need; submit advertising, attestations, outside business requests and more with just the click of a button.

Business Continuity and Exit Plan

We have seen buyers of Financial Service Firms ask about compliance and how to manage future liabilities for the firm. Our compliance solution preserves and increases the value of your firm. Additionally, if you have turnover in your compliance team, our solution ensures continuity of your compliance program.