Solopreneur Best Value Package for Small Firms

Compliance Calendar and Task Tracker + Simple Email Archive

From experience, we know that starting a new RIA can be exciting, challenging and confusing, often all at the same time. This is why our company is here to assist new and existing Registered Investment Advisers through a rock-solid compliance foundation by offering our Solopreneur Package.

We know that advisers jump from sales managers, to operations, to IT, to Chief Compliance Officer every day. RIA Compliance Technology encourages you to follow your dream and helps to ease completion of your necessary compliance tasks. For this reason, we are offering our best compliance package from now to the end of Q1, 2021.

The solopreneur package includes our turnkey Compliance Calendar, Task manager, and our Simple Email Archiving service for up to 3 users, for only $50.00 per month; a 60% discount from our standard pricing.

We firmly believe that compliance officers should not feel like they are alone. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation for our customers to help grow your business, cover your compliance needs and gain peace of mind, knowing your compliance program is on-track. 


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