By: Kristen Guerrero, Owner & Compliance Consultant at RIA Compliance Key

February 9, 2021

It’s ADV season!  Preparing the information needed to complete the Annual ADV amendment can be a tedious task for RIA firms.  As a Compliance Consultant, I want to make the process as efficient as possible for my clients.  To help me accomplish that, I am excited to offer RIA Compliance Technology’s ADV Data Collection Tool to my clients this year!

Why Clients Like the ADV Data Collection Tool

Easy to access.  A link is sent to the firm so they can quickly and easily establish their login credentials. With a self-selected “secret code”, the firm can enter, save and access their ADV data at any time.

Easy to use.  Clear, precise, and intuitive.

Data Simplified.  The form makes easy work of ensuring the data is categorized correctly as required by regulators.  The data collection form is organized by category so firms can quickly see what information they need to gather. 

Recordkeeping. The final submission is a great document for firms to maintain in their compliance files to support their annual ADV amendment information.

Why Compliance Consultants Like the ADV Data Collection Tool

Value-add for clients. I’m always looking for cost effective ways to add value to my services.  I like being able to offer my clients an electronic form that makes it easier for them to collect, organize and submit the complex data needed to amend the ADV.

Oversight.  I can see the data collection forms throughout the process, so I know where each firm is in the process and ensure they are on track to submit their data on time.

Consistency.  Having each firm submit their ADV data using the same data collection tool makes it easier for me to prepare the ADV amendments. 

Recordkeeping.  Allows me to have a consistent and complete record of what each firm submitted for their ADV amendment.

Happy filing!

RIA Compliance Technology and RIA Compliance Key are separate entities.