Email archiving and review does not need to be difficult.  Your time is valuable and traditional email review solutions can be slow, tedious, and expensive.  If you are looking for an email archiving solution that just works, ask us about our secure SEC and FINRA compliant solution.

Built for Compliance Teams

Simple Email Archive has been designed by compliance professionals to guide RIA Firms to meet their collection, review and archiving standards through a simple approach.

Our dashboard provides Compliance Consultants and consulting firms with access to multiple clients under one login.

Simple Everything

Simple Setup – We provide your team with instructions to setup our service. Alternatively, you may schedule a quick call with a technician to set up your email archiving service for you.

Simple Search and Keywords – Determine and set your own keywords by simply checking words or phrases you frequently use during searches.

Simple Review – An easy to use user interface for review, follow-up and note taking.

Simple Reporting – Our service produces a 1 page report, able to be downloaded or saved to your record retention system.

Simple Pricing – No hidden fees. Simple and affordable pricing.  All your emails are your property.

SEC 17a-4(f) and FINRA 2210 Compliant

Simple Email Archive meets SEC 17a-4(f) and FINRA 2210 record retention, Write Once Read Many (WORM), requirements. At no additional charge, RIA Compliance Technology, which acts as the Designated Third Party (D3P), provides required third-party attestation (“Letters of Undertaking”) for regulatory purposes.

Tech Stuff for your IT Team

Data is secured and backed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Guaranteed 99.97% up-time or your monthly service fee is waived.

All access to the archiving website or email review is tracked and stored for audit purposes. 

We work first hand with your IT staff to provide Privacy and Cybersecurity procedures.