Trade Monitor

Our Trade Monitor is the simplest Personal Trade Monitoring solution in the industry

Trade Monitor

Say goodbye to paper investment statements and the headaches of ordering, collecting, reviewing, and archiving your employee’s statements. Our Trade Monitoring solution is an automated, simple, cost-effective solution to your paper problem.

Simplify the submission and approval process for personal securities holdings and transactions. We developed the simplest Personal Trade Monitoring solution where you can start reviewing your employee trades today by simply emailing your employees to get them started.

With our trade monitoring solution, you can:

  • Eliminate the need to request duplicate outside brokerage statements
  • Eliminate the collection, sorting, and review of paper statements
  • Review personal trades in one online portal
  • Provide a pre-trade approval solution
  • Add or upload your restricted trading lists
  • Be alerted when conflicts arise
  • Enable Pre-trade approval, IPO tracking, and purchases.